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Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall is the Time

It is truly Autumn around here. The leaves have changed. The weather has gotten a bit cooler. And that is what to me, Fall is about. Change. I've been getting prepared for winter. After all, here in the Appalachian Mountains, the winters can be a bit brutal! But, now it's time for a change with me. And to celebrate, I'm moving onto a new story. Going back to my Medieval Scotland genre that I can't seem to move away from.

I took the summer off from writing for the most part, as we moved to our new home atop of SugarLoaf Ridge. And had a couple of very good vacations with the boys. Merely Magic is still in revisions, but almost complete. I guess I work better with a deadline! So, while I'll be brewing a new story with my muse in preparation for NaNoWriMo, coming in November, I'm going to be wrapping up Merely Magic, and sending it it out before the November 1st start of that awesome event.

Hope to see and connect with a few of my long time writing buddies.
(this is the view from my front porch.)

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